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How to Click with Underwater Mobile Photography

Use Your iPhone To Take Photos Underwater
Use Your iPhone To Take Photos Underwater

Your iPhone can be used to click stunning underwater pictures in a pool, at the local beach or on a tropical vacation. But before you take the iPhone into the water, make sure to waterproof it with an appropriate case. We recommend the underwater housing case as it is more secure and also helps to click better pictures compared to a bag case. Read on to learn more tips to excel at underwater mobile photography to click breathtaking images that you will be proud to share with your loved ones on Instagram.

Tips for Top Quality Underwater Mobile Photography

Your plans for getting your photos shot while underwater have to be examined carefully. Here are a few things that you can do to make your photos look their best.

Learn How to Focus Perfectly

Practice Photography In Your Swimming Pool
Practice Photography In Your Swimming Pool

Focusing can be difficult underwater when your touch-screen phone is covered in a bulky case. If you experience trouble while focusing, you should use the auto focus feature to get best results. In case the touch screen stops responding underwater, you can utilise a free application like Gorrilacam which has a timer to help you with clicking excellent shots.

What to Do for Lighting

You may not be able to use your phone’s flash underwater because of the case, so it is best to try and find a good spot where light plays nicely on objects. We advise shooting objects from below to help you create breathtaking silhouettes.

Have a Little Patience

You may not be able to click the best shots instantly. It pays to wait for an opportune time like a school of fish, a breaking wave or somebody splashing into the water to click captivating and interesting images.


Practice in a Pool

If you wish to click underwater images in a choppy sea or ocean, we recommend you first practice in the placid water of a pool before embarking on the more adventurous exercise. This will help you iron out your weak points. In the pool, you can perfect focusing on a subject as well as utilising available light. This practice in a controlled environment will stand you in good stead when you hit the choppy waters of a sea or ocean.

Use the Watershot App

You may wish to capture the more rare encounters like coming across mantas, turtles and eagle rays in video mode. To shoot stills in video mode, we recommend you download and use a free application called Watershot App. It also enables flicking through pictures in playback.

Shoot Small to Medium Subjects

Use The Propper Case To Protect your Phone
Use The Propper Case To Protect your Phone

Use your iPhone in an easy and consistent manner underwater by shooting small to medium-sized subjects as these will fit in the frame from close quarters. For medium-sized subjects like eels and lionfish do not make the mistake of using both artificial light and the red filter as this will add a reddish colour to the picture. Choose one among the two for best results.

Use a Video Light

For macro subjects that are small in length such as tiny eels, seahorses and banded coral shrimp it is critical to use a video light. This is because it provides fill light and enables the camera to shoot at a high shutter speed without any blur.

It’s easy to take images underwater if you do things right. You have to prepare yourself and have plenty of practice to figure out how it’s all going to work.

you can shoot breathtaking underwater images with your mobile phone with just a little practice and by judiciously using the right apps for the right purpose.

How You Can Have Your Feelings For Him Reciprocated?

Get Him To Love You Back
Get Him To Love You Back
It is not a good idea to be manipulative and make someone do something against their will. It is also not a good idea to use tricks to make someone to like you. But when you are in love with someone and you want your feelings to be reciprocated, you would want them to like you too. You don’t necessarily have to be manipulative to get him to like you. You just need to find subtle ways to express your feelings. You need to make sure that you are able to convey your message without stalking him. Your motive should also be to find out whether he likes you or not.

Smile you way to his heart

Smiling is an amazing tool if used properly. A lot of times people use smile to manipulate people into doing things. This is not exactly what you want to do. You want to smile at the person you love because you want them to know that you are approachable.

Do what makes you feel natural about yourself. Don’t smile just because you have to. Smile genuinely and sincerely. When you are smiling make sure you have an eye contact with him. Your smile will convey your feelings in the most effective way. Your smile will be a huge giveaway. If he smiles back at you, you know your feelings have been reciprocated.

Be what you are; you are your best when in love

Everyone wants to appear their best especially when it is about winning someone they love. But don’t try to over impress him. You don’t want to be what you are not. It could be a big turn off for him. Instead be what you are.

Don't Pretend To Be someone You Are Not... It Take You Nowhere
Always be yourself
Being yourself does not mean that you do not need to focus on how you appear. You can always get dressed in your best. But more important than dressing up is maintaining your personal hygiene. There is no way you can impress him if you have a bad breath or you are wearing untidy clothes. Don’t get into unnecessary shopping spree buying clothes that you don’t need. Instead use what you have. If you will change your appearance dramatically, he will notice it and he may not like it.

Talk to him as often as you can

Grab every opportunity you can to talk to him. But you need to make sure that you don’t pester him. If he seems to be enjoying your company only then talk to him. If he doesn’t enjoy it yet, you will need to maintain some distance. If he is interested in talking to you, you will know it through his responses. You may also test whether he likes talking to you or not. You can stop talking to him for a while and see if he gets back to you.

Do Something You Both Enjoy
Do Something You Both Enjoy
Doing something ‘in order to’ get certain results in the matters of love is not often a good idea. It may work for a while but will only have temporary results. For long lasting results stay natural and say what you have to up front. If it is meant to be, it will happen.

Quit Smoking; Make Yourself Healthier By Using E-Cig

Take Steps To Quit Smoking
Take Steps To Quit Smoking
You may ignore the statutory warning displayed on your cigarette pack saying, “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health.” You may overlook the horrendous pictures of deformed lungs on the pack of cigarettes. But you cannot overlook the perils of smoking. Other than lung cancer, smoking tobacco can cause other serious diseases including cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure problems and more. If, however, you are concerned about your health and want to quit smoking, but with an alternative, here is something for you. You can try the Volcano E-Cig to kill your nicotine urge.

Why should you quit smoking?

Start Using E-Cigs
Start Using E-Cigs
The perils of smoking are known to everyone. It has been proven that cigarette smoking is hazardous to health. Cigarette contains two elements which have effect on our body. First is Tar which is an extremely dangerous element. It is the cause of all the smoking related diseases. It gets deposited in your lung due to continuous smoking. If you are an avid smoker with no plans to quit, you will end up depositing lots of Tar in your lungs after some time. The other element is nicotine. Nicotine is not very harmful to the body but it is an addictive element. It means that when you are craving for cigarette, it is actually your body craving for nicotine. If you can somehow take required amount of nicotine without taking Tar, you can kill the urge.

What is the alternative to smoking?

Vaporizing Has Become Very Popular
Vaporizing Has Become Very Popular
Vaporizing is becoming increasingly popular in United States these days. Vaporizers are better than cigarettes for several reasons. First of all most of the vaporizing elements are tobacco free. However, even if you do use tobacco for vaporizing, it will not burn the tobacco directly using combustion. It will only heat the tobacco up and the resulting vapors will have very small amount of Tar. Cigarettes burn tobacco directly using combustion and release a lot of toxic waste called carcinogen. There is no release of carcinogen with vaporizers. Volcano E-Cig is also a portable vaporizer which is an extremely effective alternative to cigarettes.

How does E-Cig work if it does not burn the ingredient?

You can compare the operation of E-Cig with cooking on the pan which is kept over a gas stove. When you put the uncooked food item over the pan, it is not in direct contact with the fire. It gets heated up indirectly when the pan is heated. Overheating of the pan does result in denaturing and overcooking of the food material. This is the reason why E-Cigs have control over the maximum limit to which the ingredient gets heated due to which it does not get denatured. It has a battery operated heating element with temperature controls and it has a heating chamber. Ingredient doesn’t come in direct contact with the heat source.

Electronic cigarettes Are The New Fashion
Electronic cigarettes Are The New Fashion
If you are a regular smoker it is a good time for you to quit smoking and start using E-Cig. Everyone in the world knows the dangers of smoking but very few people are able to give it up because they are not able to control their urge. E-Cig is the solution for such people.

Make Your Holidays Special By Gifting Sport Chek Sportswear At Great Discounts

The Sportcheck Store In Canada
The Sport chek Store In Canada
Holidays are round the corner and this could be the best time to do some shopping for your family. It is also a good time to give gifts to your loved ones. So what should you buy for them? Well, you have endless options. No matter what you want to buy, there are great deals and offers everywhere. Especially many online portals are offering great deals on online purchases. One such site is Sport Chek, which is offering great discounts on the purchase of sportswear. Here are a few things you can buy at the discounted price at Sport Chek.

Pick up your favorite bag or hat and get a 40% discount

Sport Chek is offering amazing discounts on bags and hats. There is an overwhelming discount of 40 percent on select hats and bags at the Sport Chek website. It will be difficult to find such discounts anywhere else. For instance, you can buy a Dakine Prom 25L back Pack for just $35.99 (including the discount) or you can buy a Mountain Hardwear Enterprise 33L Technical Pack just for $65.99 (again including the discount.)

One of their most stylish looking backpack is Vans Transient II Skate Pack. Its discounted price is only $41.99.

Find the Perfect Gift For Everyone
Find the Perfect Gift For Everyone
You can also pick your favorite caps too at discounted price. For instance, Nike Golf Flat Bill Tour Hat Mens is available only for $20.99. You can buy it in four different colors; grey, purple, white and gold yellow.

Gift sport footwear to your kid; buy the second pair at 50% discount at Sport Chek

You don’t know what’s Santa will bring to your kids this Christmas, but you can make this holiday special for your kid by gifting footwear bought at a discount from Sport Chek. If you buy two pairs of shoes from Sport Chek, they are offering a 50 percent discount on the second one. There is a huge inventory of shoes you can choose from. The second pair you choose must be of equal or lesser value. For instance, you may buy Adidas Golf Adicross Shoes for $59.99 and buy another Nike Golf Remix Shoes just for $28.00 (original price $55.99.)

Get great discounts on outerwear too

The discounts are not just limited to bags, caps and kids’ shoes. Sport Chek extends discount offers to the outerwear too. They are offering outerwear clearance and you can get a whopping 50 % discount on the purchase. Whether you are buying for your husband, your kid or for yourself, flat 50 percent discount will apply.

Take Advantage Of The Great Discounts
Take Advantage Of The Great Discounts
For instance, you can buy Mountain Hardwear Homeride Trifecta Jacket just for $199.99 for your husband (or for your dad). You can also buy McKinley Granger men’s jacket with a choice of two colors, black and blue, just for $134.99.

These are some great deals on the Sport Check website and it is unlikely that you will find it anywhere else. If you are planning to buy sportswear items this holiday, you should consider Sport Chek.

What the Future Holds for Home Businesses

Open For Business!
Open For Business!
There are many ways how people can get their home businesses up and running. These include all kinds of different businesses that cover different jobs of value for all the things people want to enjoy and use in their lives. The future of the home business suggests that people are going to take a look at personalization and technology in mind. It might be hard to predict where home businesses will go in the future but these ideas are all points worth taking a closer look at with regards to what could happen in the future.

An Emphasis on Apps

Mobile applications have never been more popular thanks to how so many people are using tablets, smartphones and other common mobile devices. People can particular go online and find different apps for just about every need one might have. That’s why so many home businesses are going to start focusing on the creation of applications. Businesses that are tech-savvy should be capable of making different apps that cater to individual activities and functions that people might often get into.

Green Behavior

Don´t Need To Split Time Into Work Time And Home Family Time
Keep your work time and family time separate
Green products have become particularly helpful. These are products that are designed to be safe on the planet and will not harm landfills or other places where wastes go. These include products that are made out of recycled materials too. More home businesses are starting to sell green products like rugs made of recycled materials or paper cards make out of recycled surfaces. The growth of the green market is something worth noticing in the home business industry. There will even be a need to find businesses that can utilize the sale of products dedicated to helping people live green lifestyles. For example, rain buckets could be sold at home. People might even get into the business of selling solar-powered products if they can get access to the right panels and equipment for getting these products set up for home use.

Food-Based Products

People are looking for smaller food options that aren’t mass-produced these days. These include options that are not made in factories that might be dangerous. That’s why so many home businesses that are dedicated to foods have started up in recent years. Many of these food-based businesses are ones that feature all sorts of different products of value. These include not only home breweries but also chocolate shops and bakeries. These smaller places often put an emphasis on quality over quantity and will work as hard as possible to make good foods that everyone can enjoy.

Tele-Conferencing is Huge

Tele-conferencing is going to become more prevalent in homes in the near future. It only makes sense that more home businesses would start to take notice and start using it for their general needs as well. Tele-conferencing will involve the use of different plans to keep businesses up and running with communicating with others. Part of this might involve businesses communicating online about different partnerships or delivery plans. This can include the need to get in touch with several offices that a larger home-based business might have. The accessibility of this type of technology will make it all the more interesting for people to spot in the future.

Planning By Computer

Work From Home And Be Your Own Boss
Work From Home And Be Your Own Boss
More businesses will start to be designed to work with computers in mind above all else in the future. These include businesses that will concentrate less on planning their items on documents and more with spreadsheets, presentations and email communications among other items that can be used on a typical computer. There’s going to be an added need to get more computer-based things ready for home business needs. These include plans for drafting new projects, designs and spaces with computers. The fact that people can even order their inventories effortlessly by computer makes these all the more interesting to find. It could add to the way how a business can get in touch with others and get its specific plans all set up right.

The future of the home business is clearly moving in a new direction. The future suggests that there will be plenty of changes in terms of what people are going to do with their programs, how they handle the planet and how they interact.